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Some might think that in the current electronic age, board games have become obsolete.  Board games, however, are an easy and inexpensive way to entertain yourself and others, and exercise your brain while you're at it.  If you're training to ace the IQ test, strategy games like chess or checkers are an amusing and painless way to develop logic skills.  If you've always had aspirations to be on Trivial Pursuit.  Furthermore, many board games are a sneaky way to develop your child's math or verbal skills, and such activities can lay the groundwork for future academic success.  Ivy League, here we come! It's not all about education though; game nights are ideal for family togetherness and social bonding, and even better, they're fun!  Even if you have a sullen teenager who is too cool for anything, chances are that even he or she (once you get past the initial protests) will enjoy a good game of Monopoly.  The next time you're looking to make new friends in town or are wanting a new group activity, look around for a game night or start one of your own!  This guide will help you along your way.

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