Beach Vacations

Weather it's to Florida or the Bahamas, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for a beach vacation! Once the tickets are purchased and the plans are made, think about all the things you'd like to do at the beach. If you are going to a tropical location, be sure to grab some waterproof camera is an excellent accessory.  For lakeside beaches, you may want to bring along (or even rent) some inner tubes or no floats at all in the ocean. With strong ocean currents and waves, it is much better to stay alert while in the water. Below you'll find some fun, kid-specific products and a useful checklist for any beach adventure.

For Kids

For kids you'll want to bring along entertaining beach activities. A timemold'>sand castle molds in different shapes and styles. Before long, your kids will have an entire beachfront city built! If your child has never taken swimming lessons, do not forget floaties for his or her arms. The beach is a great vacation, just remember to keep it safe for every age!

Beach Checklist

* Beach Bag * Flip Flops for the sandy terrain. * Sunglasses * WideHat'>Sun Hat * Beach Towel * Beach Chairs * Beach Toys * Beach Umbrella * Cooler with snacks and beverages. * Rafts * Goggles * Aloe Vera Gel (great relief for sunburns!) * Sunscreen * Razors (if you're a female you won't want to be caught with winter legs!)

The Male Makeover

Boy scouts may be known for wilderness preparedness, but when it comes to a beach vacation, it's the women who want to be ready. Waxing, shopping, dieting, tanningGirls know how to prep for fun in the sun. Guys tend to dig out their same old swim shorts from the previous year and call it a day. Well, don't let that be the case this time! Below is a simple guide to shopping for your guy so he looks up to current trends and ready to compete with all those other studs in the sand.    

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