Women's Swimsuits Buying Guide

First things firstswimsuit'>maternity suit. Read on for fashion advice on buying the most flattering suit, and relax! This is supposed to be ''fun....''

Buying Online

Everyone has their qualms about bathing suit shopping, but that doesn't have to be the focus. Many women will feel anxiety or stress when trying on suits in the store, so online shopping can be a great alternative for selflit environment as you make your decision, and it eliminates the discomfort of shopping for the right suit in public. However, if you choose to do your shopping from home, you'll need to keep a few things in mind: * There is no substitute for trying on. Finding the right size and most flattering cut will take you less than an hour at a store, but it could take months of online returns and exchanges. If you want an easy and efficient online experience, you should find out your size and shape before surfing the web. * Unfortunately, there is little wiggle room when it comes to swimsuit sizes. If it doesn't fit, you'll likely have to send it back. Make sure your efriendly return policy! * If you aren't sure about your size, buy bigger rather than smaller. People tend to keep clothing that is too small or unflattering with the hope that it will eventually fit. If you end up with a size too big, you're much more likely to exchange it for something better. * Check your e-tailer's shipping time. If you wait until June to buy that bikini but it doesn't arrive until late July, you won't getting enough bang for your buck! * The nice thing about shopping online is that even if it's not summer, you can always find a great bathing suit. So enjoy it!

Good Ideas for Most Bodies

* Not sure how to flatter your frame? Go to our Tankinis give full coverage and are more versatile than a Halter tops flatter all chest sizes and give a surprising amount of support and retro style. * Sweetheart necklines are flirtatious and flattering for all degrees of cleavage. * If you spend any time out of the water, a summery skirt and you'll be able to grab lunch without feeling naked.

Trendy Suit Styles

Slim Your Waist

Enhance Your Chest

Minimize Your Chest

Slim (or Boost) Your Hips and Rear

Short Torso

Long Torso

Lengthening Legs

Dreaded Bulges

Athletic Suits

Swimsuit Care

After you've found the perfect swimsuit for your size and shape, by all means take good care of it and make sure it lasts.   * Rinse with cold water immediately after each use. * Air dry out of direct sunlight. * Don't machine wash or use a dryer.

Accessorizing the Swimsuit

So strutting around in just a swimsuit is great, but what about making it look like an actual outfit? Look below for some classic accessory ideas:

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