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It's no secret skinny jeans are very popular in both classic colors and bright colors. In response to the restrictions of skinny jeans, many companies, such as Old Navy, have made a looser, more comfortable pair of jeans referred to as boyfriend jeans. So, how do you know which trends to follow? Regardless of trends, if your jeans don't fit, you'll look bad whether it's trendy or not. That's why it's important to decide what you want to wear for yourself. Luckily, many jeans styles are timeless, flattering, and the industry is opening up more and more options for ladies to look good in their denim. Have no fear, denim novices, here is a guide to your basic terms and styles. Check out the instructions, the pictures, and then your fine fine silhouette in the mirror.

New Arrivals

What's all this high style going to cost you? Find a good sale at Target or another department store and you could score a pair of jeans for $9.99 or less. Designer denimcould run around $200. Embellished denim (with beads, sequins or diamonds) can cost around $600. A vintage pair of denim can go for $1,000. So it seems the sky's the limit for this fashion staple. Here's a sample of what's hot this season.

What Size Should You Get?

The most important part of wearing jeans is making sure they fit. As with all clothing, size varies greatly from designer to designer. If the size you think you are doesn't fit in a certain brand, try on another size because '''it's much more important to have your pants fit you than to have the tag say some arbitrary number.''' No one can see the size tag. Jeans should fit snugly from the inseam to the waist, without any extra fabric in the area, keeping you looking trim and streamlined. The current trend is towards jeans with a trace of spandex in them. This gives you just enough flexibility and fits your form just a bit more. According to, 100% cotton jeans will shrink approximately 2-3 centimeters after the first washing. It's also a good idea to simply ask for help when looking for the right size. Many sales associates are required to be knowledgeable about which brands come smaller than others and which types of denim shrink or expand over time. '''Never shorten or alter your jeans before they have been washed at least one time.''' Women of all shapes have trouble finding jeans that flatter them. If you find a brand or two that works for you, buy several pairs. Just remember the shelf life of the ├╝ber-trendy jeans is fairly short. For those on a limited clothing budget, classic, flattering styles are most practical.

What Fits Your Body Type?

* '''Slim''': Flares, low rises, and fitted waists will give you more shape and also show off your lean silhouette. * '''Curvy''': Flares and bootlegs show off your curves. * '''Athletic''': Low rises and contoured waists, skinny legs make your hips wider and flared legs make you look curvier. * '''Full Figure''': Dark washes, Size Guide for Petite Women for more shopping ideas for you statuesque beauties. * '''Long''': Find a brand that works and stick with it. **Tall Women's Clothes and other websites specialize in 39"+ inseams. ** Read the Special Clothing Guide for Tall Women for more shopping ideas for you statuesque beauties.


The shape or cut of a pair of jeans makes all the difference when you pull them on.

Denim Difference

It's no secret that denim has different textures and levels of softness. Jeans made with lightweight denim are perfect for warm weather while heavier denim material keep your legs toasty when it's freezing out. Now, all denim is a type of cotton twill, but the way this fabric is created differs from other popular materials. * '''Cotton: '''The type of cotton used to make a pair of jeans has a direct effect on its price, look, and feel. A fine cotton is comprised of long fiber threads that provide a soft touch and fluid look. Jeans made with fine cotton are generally inexpensive. Premium a.k.a expensive jeans are made from short cotton fibers; they don't rub off as easily as their longer counterparts, giving the denim the ability to last longer. * '''Construction:''' Although denim and cotton twill are the same, the way in which the twill is woven puts denim in it's own category; the diagonal weave's path varies. Most denim is made with a righthand twill travels from the lower right to the upper left. * '''Finish:''' You might think all jeans go through the same dyeing process, but it isn't true. Denim can be dyed before it's woven, or after it's made into a pair of jeans. The latter option will contain more color, but fades quicker. While blue jeans will always be around, dirty tint, which is created with yellow sulphur dye.


The tint or color of jeans will either accentuate your legs and curves for better or for worse. Knowing what color is best for you is very important.


Jeans are typically available in three lengths, which not only help you look slimmer and taller, but may also keep you cool on hot days.

Rise Up

Accentuate your hips, stomach, and waist with the perfect rise.


Add a little life and fun into your jeans with cool designs, a little deconstruction, and some bling!

Bad Ideas

From washes to styles to cuts, wearing the wrong pair of jeans can be a tragedy! We've put together a few "don'ts" every woman should follow. ! * Curvy women should be wary of elastic waists, pleats, and light washes. * Just say no extremely tight jeans. They will create bulges known as the "muffin top." * Invest in a Line dry jeans for the least shrinkage and the least fading. * Use a warm clothing iron to get out wrinkles. * The Laundress recommends the following: ** Turn jeans inside out to preserve the dark color. ** To keep white denim looking brand new wash in warm or hot water. Hot Designers According to The Style Group these are the top jean designers right now: * Citizens of Humanity * Diesel * Marc Jacobs * Paper Denim & Cloth * Seven for All Mankind * True Religion * Baby Phat

Classic Designers

* Banana Republic * Calvin Klein * Gap * Gloria Vanderbilt * Guess * J. Crew * Levi's * Lucky * Old Navy * Wrangler

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