Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is a holiday for giving, so why not say thanks to your host? This year, bring along a special token of appreciation to the person's home which you are visiting. When in doubt, ask the host if he or she needs anything for the party. Often the affair will be completely under control, so you may have to improvise or make your own gift. Here are some suggestions for getting someone a present for a Thanksgiving celebration. * A noWine'>wine or liqueurs are also suitable for the right party. You can personalize a gift basket by making it your own, but be sure to include some of the recipient's favorites! Be sure to arrive early if you want your gift served before or with the main meal. * Flowers, centerpiece or wreath, consider using wheat sheaves, nuts, fall leaves, or berries to accent fall flowers like sunflowers, daisies, alstroemeria, lilies, marigolds, and chrysanthemums. * You can also make unique, harvestCrafts'>Thanksgiving Crafts Guide for more ideas that are guaranteed original.

Food Items

Most hosts will appreciate a little help in the food department. Try to find seasonal items like maple cookies; these will be super with traditional favorites like sweet potato pie or apple cider. A savory pie or a special side dish can also improve the meal. Be careful; just as no one should overshadow the bride on her wedding day, nothing you bring to the meal should top the chef's specialty.

Decorative Accents

When looking for picture frames are always on the right track.

Sports Oriented Gifts

While the big, drowsiness-inducing meal is the main event on Thanksgiving, football is pretty important too, if only as the traditional way to kill time. Your host might not be able to use any of these gifts on the holiday itself, but they'll be sure to appreciate them throughout the season.

Gifts for the Chef

If you're dining at the house of someone who loves to cook and entertain, why not opt for a gift that speaks his or her language? Cooking tools and equipment are always helpful for the motivated chef. Don't forget that glassware and tableware are also good options; festive spice racks are just a few ideas. It may be a good to send these items on ahead so the recipient can make use of them.  You can also count them as early holiday presents.

Family Entertainment

After the food and football, there is only one thing left to do: relax. One classic Thanksgiving activity is settling down to catch a flick as a family, perhaps with a cup of cocoa. Here are some typical holiday films that you can bring to your next Thanksgiving get-together. * '''For Kids''' ** A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving  ** Miracle on 34th Street ** Inside Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade * '''For Adults''' ** Planes, Trains, and Automobiles ** Home For the Holidays ** Hannah and Her Sisters ** Pieces of April

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