Liqueurs, Aperitifs, Cordials and Other Potent Potables

Liqueurs & Cordials

Liqueurs (also called cordials) are sweet, flavorstable  blend. All liqueurs are blends, even those with a primary flavor. For the most part, liqueur themselves are not aged for any specified length of time, though their base spirits may be. Schnapps is a general term used for an assortment of white and flavored spirits  that are made from grain, potatoes, or molasses and  flavored with virtually anything. Anise-Flavored Spirits vary widely in style depending  on the country of origin. They can be dry or very sweet, low or high  proof, distilled from fermented aniseed or macerated in neutral spirit. Bitters  are the descendents of medieval medical potions and are  marketed as having at least some therapeutic value as stomach  settlers or hangover cures. They tend to be flavored with herbs, roots,  and botanicals, contain lower quantities of fruit and sugar than liqueurs,  and have astringent notes in the palate.

Aperitifs, Brandy, Port

* Brandy ** Cognac ** Armagnac * Dessert Wines * Port * Sherry * Vermouth

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