Outdoors Buying Guide

Every now and again, we all want to just get away.  As you venture into the wild, remember that it can be just that.  Nature is beautiful and it can be reviving, but it can also be fierce and unpredictable.  Be sure that you are informed and prepared before you head out.  And whether you're just going for a leisurely hike or you're getting ready to attack a Class 5 overhang, it is essential to have the right gear.  Once you're ready, get out, get moving, and enjoy some of what Mother Nature is dishing out.  Don't forget to bring along a Frisbee to chill out between archery practice, or as a distraction while you're out camping.

Outdoor Tips

* Make sure your axe head is tight.  The shaft may dry and shrink over time, so soak the head in a pail of water before using. * Hang all backpacks containing edibles from a rope strung ten feet off the ground between two trees. * To make an emergency fire starter for wet weather, dip a roll of newspaper in paraffin and create a large, newspaper candle. * Venomous snakes can still release venom long after they are dead. * Buy a water filtering canteen to always have clean water handy.

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