Types of Navigational Devices

There are several different types of GPS devices catered to specific sectors of the consumer market. Hardware products designed for hikers, bikers, drivers, boaters, and dedicated computer users have popped up in the past five years. However, there is also an increasing number of machines that have multiSirius'>satellite radio receiver in one.

Important Features On Any GPS Device

* '''High-resolution screen''' that will be bright and easy to read. ** Make sure that the screen will hold up to the sunlight. * A '''simple button pattern''' that will be easy to use. Most are touch screen. * A '''fast processor''' for rapid recalculation. * A decent '''battery life''' (many models are very poor in this respect so it's good to research this a bit before buying).

Car GPS Devices

Handheld GPS Systems

Outdoor Fun

These products enable you to make the most of your outdoors experience. With tons of built-in features and power that lasts all day, these gadgets are perfect to suit all your outdoor communication needs.

When Basic Isn't Good Enough

With the PDA becoming extremely outdated, people are looking to smart phones as their all4'>iPhone includes a pseudo GPS via cell signals, and maps your location to Google maps.  The one drawback is when you're out of cell coverage, you're really lost.  For laptops, make sure you get a good product bundle that includes a wide array of maps. As devices become further integrated, multilooking navigation systems that give consumers a little something extra. Whether it be DVD playback or landmark recognition, these devices each have a special feature that makes them worth a look.  

Quick Picks

In a hurry?  You can't go wrong with one of these top-selling GPS devices.

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