Camping Stoves

Going on a camping trip? Plan on eating? Unless you want all your food to be cold, you're going to need a camping stove. There are numerous stoves on the market that may suit your needs. Read on to learn more.

What To Look For

Camping stoves have a seemingly limitless number of variations and factors determining their design. Dick's Sporting Goods (a retail site) gives a good explanation of the difference between cartridge and liquid fuel stoves. It also introduces you to the differences in size, weight, number of burners and accessories of stoves and cookware. Remember that stoves can vary in weight from a few ounces to a couple of pounds, and some don't include a fuel tank. Most importantly, think about what you're prepared to carry.

Quick Picks

==='''How Many Burners?''' !===

What Kind of Fuel?

* And how many different kinds of fuels can your stove take?

What About Its Shape?

* Check the online ratings sites to see how the stove's design holds up. ** Do the legs support it on uneven ground? ** Does it pack up easily? ** Does it light easily? Flame evenly? ** Is it durable? ** Does it clean easily? ** Does it have a warranty? !