Backpacks Buying Guide

If you want to keep your (or your child's) hands free when walking, have misplaced your pack mule, or need to move a series of items from point A to point B, you may want to utilize the agestrapped bags and purses can cause excess strain on your neck and shoulders, putting you at higher risk for spine and muscle problems as well as other injuries. For all the finest in book bag wear, there's lots of styles to choose from.

School Chic

Thanks to ever-growing product advancements, you can now buy a backpack that's designed to keep you comfortable and last for years to come.

Day Packs

The North Face.

Stay Safe

No one wants to come home with a sore back or a ripped bag spilling its contents everywhere!  A backpack is going to be your everyday companion. Make sure it can keep up with you. * Bags should not hold more than 15% of your body weight or 20 lbs, whichever is smaller. * Buy bags with wide straps to ensure they don't dig into your shoulders. * They should have padded backs to keep items on the inside from poking you. * Find waist belt to evenly distribute the weight, and use them! * A bag is only as strong as its zippersmake sure those will last you. * Isn't it always better when it's waterproof? * How about