Travel Insurance

It's the day before you and your family leave for a broken leg. The vacation that probably cost you a few thousand dollars has to be canceled. Unfortunately, you didn't insure your trip and will not lose out. Get to know the kinds of travel insurance policies available for your next trip.

Types of Travel Insurance

* '''Trip Cancellation:''' Sometimes life happens and trips must be canceled. Policies in this area usually cover illness, death or injury of the insured or someone in the insured's immediate family. You should know that if you're heading to a country or area where there's political unrest, an ongoing war, or maybe your budget isn't the same, most insurance policies won't cover the cancellation. * '''Baggage loss:''' When bags are lost, stolen, or delayed, be prepared. Some policies will even give you a cash settlement for severely delayed luggage. * '''Flight Delay or Cancellation:''' If your flight is delayed or canceled and it wasn't your fault, insurance policies will cover the cost of room and board, and even reholder'>your flight back home. However, we urge you to read the policy's fine print very carefully. * '''Medical Insurance:''' If you're in a foreign country, on a cruise, or trekking through a remote area of the Rain Forest, it's probably a good idea to have some type of medical insurance. Depending on where you are, medical insurance will travel. If you have to be transported to a medical facility expect empty your bank account, according to Independent Traveler. Without insurance, evacuation (even back to the US) could set you back $35,000 or more! Holy cow! Medical insurance also covers accidental death or disfigurement. This kind of insurance is expensive, so make sure you get the right coverage.

Where Do I Buy Travel Insurance?

If you don't have a travel agent or prefer to purchase travel insurance on your own, here are a few policy sites to consider. * Access America * CSA Travel Protection * Global Alert * Travel Insurance Services * Seven Corners * Travel Guard * Medex * HTH Travel Insurance

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