Travel Essentials

Are you going somewhere? You need to pack? Don't forget to bring whatever you absolutely use on daily basis. Then, take into account: * How long you'll be gone. * If you'll be able to buy items (toiletries, clothing, etc.) while you're there. * How often you'll have to carry your stuff. * Any difficult conditions you may encounter. * What you'll be doing while you're there.

Traveling Somewhere Adventurous?

Make sure you bring along your gear for Camping and Hiking, Water Sports, Skiing, or Cruises.  Mostly, bring your clothing that you'll need. Have a safe trip!


Clothing is a fairly obvious thing to pack for a trip; after all, you want to be nice outfit or two for dressy nights.) Obviously, your needs will vary based on time of year, where you're going, what you plan to do there, and how much you're willing to pack. It's better to be prepared for all possibilities, but you don't want to pay extra fees at airports if your luggage weighs too much. Be realistic with the amount of clothes you will really need.  Recently, however, new synthetic materials have made washthis way everything will match! Here are a few essentials to think about taking with you, especially if you're planning to pack light.

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Travel Tips

* Pack a set of each person's clothing in everyone else's suitcases, just in case some luggage is lost. * Email yourself a file of your important documents, itinerary, phone numbers, copies of passports, etc. This way, in case you lose absolutely everything, you can still access your important information at any computer with an Internet connection. * Don't forget to pack any chargers you need for laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, and other electronic devices. Little Timmy will be upset if he can't play his PSP on the way back home. * Always leave a little bit of room in your luggage to bring home any souvenirs. * Remember to pack any medication you need. Pack some aspirin and medicine for upset stomachs, just in case. * Before you start packing, make a list of everything you will need. It helps, ''a lot''.

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