Studying Abroad

Leaving the comfort of their hometown is the first leap toward independence for essentials needed for a successful, unforgettable study abroad experience. Here are some points to consider when packing for your study abroad trip: * The cultural norms of the location and how this may affect choice in clothing. * The expected weather forecasts for the season in which you will be traveling. * How much physical activity will be endured during your tripgear'>biking, etc. * The costs of goods overseas compared to costs in the United States. Keep these ideas in mind as you or your child prepares for their trip. Bon voyage!

Study Abroad Staples

Leave the country without these and you're in for a stressful experience. Don't forget these items.

What To Wear

Depending on the country you're traveling to, cultural norms may play a part in the clothing you bring. However, these products are helpful no matter where you're going.


While constantly on the go studying abroad, these portable items are must-haves for everyday use.

Staying In Touch

Keep in contact with your friends and family with pictures and entertaining stories. Use phone cards for added, less expensive convenience.

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