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Once you get the hang of being a new parent, you may be ready to venture into the great outdoors or take a vacation with your child.  Before you hit the trails, hop on your bike or book a flight, read this guide on outdoor gear and travel stuff for your baby.  Don't worry about loading up on these items before the baby arrives; this page lists all the extras.  For the basic gear you'll need for local trips check out the following buying guides: * Car Seats * Strollers * Diaper Bags

Top Picks

* '''Backpack style baby carriers''' ** Good for when your baby can sit up alone (about six months). ** Require more storage space. ** Can support up to 40 pounds. ** Offers lower-back support. ** Can't see baby when they are placed in carrier. ** Prices start at $40. Models with extra bells and whistles can cost up to $300. ** Things to look for: lightweight construction. ** Popular brands are Kelty Pathfinder. * '''Bike Trailers''' ** Good for older babies (around 12 months) ** Need a garage for storage. ** Can't see baby when they are placed in trailer. ** Trailer needs to protect you child from sun, wind, and harsh climate. ** A well-rated bike trailer will cost you at least $300. ** Look for a trailer with an bike helmet on you child before heading out on a ride. ** The Burley Solo as the top reviewed trailers. * '''Jogging Strollers''' ** Visit the Jogging Stroller page for full details on this purchase.

More Info

* The International Bike Fund has great information about when and how to execute your child's first bike experience. * Baby Fit gives new parents a place to find workout tips. * Need help coming up with an outdoor activity for your family? Check out the Family Education website. !

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