Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers are for the parents who don't want to add too much extra weight to their load. These are light, easy to maneuver, and inexpensive. For families without much storage space, this is the ideal stroller option.  Also ideal for travel and tossing in the car for family outings. Don't know anything about strollers?  Read our introductory buying guide first.

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Why Umbrella Strollers Are Good

* Uncomplicated. * The price is right$25'>less than $25. * Lightweight, ultramaneuver, foldable, and keep you from overloading. * Great for short errands and public transportation. (Ever try maneuvering a stroller on a bus? It's not easy!) * Three-point harness and hammock seat are simple and comfortable enough, especially with a pillow. * Coming out with more enticing features every season.

What About the Down Side?

* Not so comfortable after several hours. * You have to push it with two hands. * It lacks the fortress mentality of full-featured strollers. * Fewer add-ons and less storage. * Not a status symbol like some bigger strollers. * You won't get an attached car seat, so you'll have to get that separately.

tandem. * Often include a canopy, rain cover, removable padding, fivehanded steering, and onboard storage space. * Great for longer outings. * Last season's strollers are virtually identical and much cheaper.

Notes on Design and Safety

* Sometimes cheaper prices affect quality. If you're shopping on a budget, better stick with a well-known brand. * If it feels rickety, it probably is. Don't risk your child's safety on the street to save $10. * If the stroller doesn't recline, you can't use it on an infant less than 6 months old. Children have to be able to sit upright on their own.

Add-ons to Consider

* A canopy. * Big wheels for reduced friction and easier pushing. * Rain shield. * Some storage space. * Shoulder Strap.

One more thing to consider...

The Universal Stroller is another option.  What is it?  A universal stroller is a lightweight stroller shell.  An infant car seat/carrier drops into the stroller making this an option to consider for infants. '''Cons:''' * It is not a fix-all. This won't work once your baby has outgrown the infant car seat (about 20 pounds). * Little storage. * Doesn't have any accessories or functions. '''Pros:''' * For parents who intend to do a lot of driving with their newborn, this is a great inventiona nervous parent never has to wake a sleeping baby. * Simply lift the car seat out of the base and then snap it in the universal stroller system. '''Top picks''' from's baby pages: * Kolcraft * Snap 'N Go * SnugRider Check out the stroller accessories buying guide for more information.