Tandem Strollers Buying Guide

With multiple children, transportation can be difficult. A tandem stroller can help with the stressful experience of trying to keep both eyes on more than one child while walking. A tandem stroller works if you have children very close in age, or if there is a year or two difference, there are strollers for all different needs. Many strollers are also equipped with great storage options for diaper bags, snacks, toys that can't be left at home, and even shopping. There are a lot of features available in this era for mothers and fathers on the go. There are lightweight strollers, strollers for more than two children, lots of different colors, styles, and patterns to choose from.

 Some Things To Think About:

* Will you have to lift it? ** In an urban setting especially, or even just putting it into the trunk of your car, you need to pick a tandem stroller that is made for you to be able to handle, on and off the pavement. * What's your budget? ** Many strollers will work just as well as their brand-name counterparts, as long as you want to use them for toting children, and not for photo ops. * Which features are you looking for? ** Many strollers have plenty of safety features, new ones springing up all the time. But some are just excessive. Decide beforehand which features you absolutely need, and which ones you can live without. Leave this list a little wiggle room, but how many cup holders can you live without? * How much room do you have for it? ** A tandem stroller is great when you're meandering down the shopping aisles, but if your apartment or garage can't fit a stroller in it, try finding one that is collapsable. * How much washing do you want to do? ** There are plenty of strollers with removable, washable seat covers etc. Make sure that they are removable, because otherwise you're hosing the stroller off in the backyard.'s Top Tandem Strollers

* hold three kids and comes with similar features.


* You can spend as much money as you want on a stroller, from a couple dozen dollars to several hundred. * These differences are mostly a function of durability and special features. * As far as durability goes, if you intend on having numerous children, it may be a good idea to get a stroller that can take you through the years. * Remember that a double stroller will endure double the wear and tear. * And, of course, strollers make a wonderful handdown gift.

Look For

* '''Comfortable Handlebars''' With two kids this stroller is sure to be heavy, so you're going to want as much ease as possible. ** Make sure they're at the proper height for you, as well. * '''Safety In Used Strollers''' has to be assured. Check
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure your great deal hasn't been recalled by the manufacturer. * '''Use Three and Five-Point Safety Belts''' to keep your kids securely in the stroller. * '''Sturdy Wheels''' keep the strollers from turning over. Hard nylon and big wheels are best. * '''Upholstered and Padded Frame''' for comfort and safety. * '''Balanced Frame''' that can take the weight it will receive and not feel wobbly or weak. * '''Reclining Seats''' for infants to lie flat and kids to take a little nap. * '''Side and Rear Protection''' help keep your baby from getting hurt when you're moving. * '''Easy Clean Fabric''' The best strollers have removable and machine washable seats. Kids get messy, expect a few smashed Cheerios.

Nice But Not Necessary

* Canopy. * Storage space. * Collapsible.

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