Strollers Buying Guide

Strollers are an essential item for new parents. Luckily, the stroller industry has anticipated all of your needs. Read on for the varieties of strollers available to you. If you want to learn more about a specific stroller type, click on the links for in-depth articles on the stroller style of your choice. *Lightweight Strollers   *Jogging Strollers    *Tandem Stroller After you've made your choice, it's time to soup up your stroller with a few accessories.  No fearAccessories'>stroller accessory page.

Stroller Basics

Extra Features

* '''Safety ''' ** '''Fivepoint harnesses are the most basic and usually come on lightweight and umbrella strollers. ** '''One-touch brakes:''' More convenient than standard brakes. Hand brakes are essential on jogging strollers. Also look for a parking brake to lock the stroller while removing the child to increase convenience. ** '''Locking mechanism:''' This keeps the stroller from spontaneously collapsing. ** '''Safety flap:''' Combined with the harness, helps keep infants from sliding out of the leg-holes. ** '''Dangerous corners:''' Make sure all angles and hinges are covered and padded and that there are no sharp protrusions. ** Be aware of '''recalls'''! Check out which models to steer clear of at Consumer Product Safety Commission. ** Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association has certification stickers that show that a stroller is safe. Check their Web site for information on recalls as well. * '''Freestanding models''' ** Can be useful to have a stroller that can stand by itself when folded. Helps for storage and portability. * ''' Washable Fabrics''' ** At some point you are going to have a child vomit, poop or worse in the stroller. Gross? Yes, but you will have to deal with it. A wellup. * '''Storage''' ** '''Baskets''': Nice place to put your purse, groceries, diaper bags, etc. ** '''Trays and cup holders''': Gives your children a place to store their snacks and drinks. Trays can turn a stroller into an impromptu dining table for meals on the go. ** '''Under carriage storage''': Another option for storing items that you don't need immediate and constant access to. * '''Adjustable Handle''' ** If the parents and/or caretakers are of different heights it allows everyone to stand up straight when pushing the stroller. This is especially important on all-terrain and jogging strollers. * '''Canopy''' ** Protects the child from the elements, such as sun and rain. ** Very important on a jogging stroller. ** Most higherfeatured models come with a canopy. ** Check for the coverage size, since not all canopies are the same. ** There is always the option of buying an addinstalled on the stroller. * '''Wheels''' ** Front wheel: Swivel/locking version increases maneuverability on three-wheel models. ** Wheel size: The larger the wheels, the more stable and smooth the ride will be. ** Nylon wheels are stronger than soft plastic. ** Inflatable tires come on some strollers and can greatly improve the smoothness of the ride, but they do require periodic inflating.

Brands by Price Range

* '''Budget''' ** Chicco Capri Stroller ** Combi Strolee Streak Universal Stroller * '''Mid-range''' ** Graco Quattro Tour 7111 ** Safety 1st Acella Alumilite ** Jeep Liberty Limited ** Silver Cross Micro ** Graco Duo Glider * '''High-end''' ** Zooper Jazz ** Inglesina Zippy ** Peg Perego Pilko **Techno Classic ** Stokke Xplory ** Bugaboo Frog

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