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|- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Women''' |Women may be complex, but finding a great gift shouldn't have to be. |width="10%" |   | !'''Anniversary Gifts''' |Find the perfect present, be it traditional or modern. |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Men''' |Dads, husbands, sons, brothers, boyfriends - we'll help you shop for them all. | ! | !'''Wedding Gifts''' |Finding the right wedding gift is never easy, but it sure can be a lot less painless. |- valign="top" |width="10%" | !'''Gifts for Girls''' |Ideas for tomboys, girly girls, entertainers, artists, grrrls, and more! | ! | !'''Housewarming Gifts''' |We've got surefire gifts as well as presents for your quirky friends! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Boys''' |You'll find something for every age, for every budget. The little guy will thank you! | ! | !'''Ritual Gifts''' |Find appropriate presents for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, first Communions, and many more. |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Dads''' |You shouldn't need an excuse to get your Dad something nice! Find the perfect gift to suit his personality here. | ! | !'''Party Gifts''' |How's the old expression go? "Never come to visit with both arms swinging"? Better bring a gift along. |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Moms''' |She only carried you in her womb for months and fed and clothed you all these years. Get her something nice, won't you? ! | ! | !'''Halloween Gifts''' |It's the creepiest day of the year - make the most of it (and keep the ghosties away while you're at it!). ! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Grandparents''' |Grandma and Grandpa, Oma und Opa, Mamie et Papy, Abuela y Abuelo, they all deserve to be celebrated. | ! | !'''Thanksgiving Gifts''' |It's time to give thanks, especially to the very generous person who is hosting you for dinner! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Babies''' |Let us help you find something age-appropriate that the parents will enjoy just as much as baby will. ! | ! | !'''Hanukkah Gifts''' |Celebrate the Festival Lights! ShopWiki will help you find holiday-themed clothes, accessories, and gifts. |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Husbands''' |Whatever the occasion, show your sweetie how much you love him. Click to find romantic and fun presents! | ! | !'''Christmas Gifts''' |It's time to deck the halls, make that list, and check it twice. Get in the holiday spirit with our gift guide! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Wives''' |Whether it's your anniversary, her birthday, or simply another chance to show you care, find a gift for your blushing bride. | ! | !'''Birthday Gifts''' |There's more to birthdays than just cake and candles. We'll help you find the present for the person who already had everything. |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Brothers''' |Oh Brother! Don't let sibling rivalry get the best of you - or else he'll tell Mom. | ! | !'''Graduation Gifts''' |Despite all the pomp and circumstance, graduation can be as relaxed or as fancy as you make it. Congratulations, grad! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Sisters''' |Whether she's your best friend or simply the pesky little one that keeps going through all your stuff, she'll appreciate a gift! | ! | !'''Easter Gifts''' |Make it a Hoppy Easter! Our guide features decorations, gifts from the Easter Bunny, and religious accessories. |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for College Students''' |Help your favorite student have any easy transition during his or her first semester away. We'll show you how. ! | ! | !'''Father's Day Gifts''' |Happy Father's Day, Dad! Whether he's an amazing cook, a genius chess player, or an aspiring racecar driver, we've got a super idea! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Colleagues''' ! |Buying for colleagues and business partners can be difficult. Our guide will give you some ideas on how to buy these necessary professional gifts. | ! | !'''Mother's Day Gifts''' |Get something special for Mom - why not make her breakfast in bed or go for a picnic in the park? ! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Artistic People''' ! |You might be completely clueless about art and music, but that doesn't mean you can't still give an amazing artistic gift. ! | ! | !'''Valentine's Day Gifts''' |Not to put any pressure on you, but it's perhaps the most important holiday for a couple. Make sure to do it right! |- valign="top" |'''''' !'''Gifts for Entertainers''' |We all know a dancer or a musician check it out! | ! | !'''St. Patrick's Day Gifts''' |Luck o' the Irish to ye! Get your green out of the closet and start brushing up on your jigs, because it's time for a party! |- |valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Gamers''' |valign="top" | Whether you know a Wii enthusiast or an Xbox fanatic, our gift guide for gamers will help you find that must-have item. | ! | !'''Apology Gifts''' |valign="top" | Uh oh. You messed up. Whether you forgot a birthday, an anniversary or if you just need to say you're sorry, make the most of your apology here. |- valign="top" |valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Movie Buffs''' |Lights, camera, action! Your movie buff may prefer ''Spartacus'' over Spielberg, or ''Hitch'' over Hitchcock. Your gift should reflect that - let us help! | ! | !'''Independence Day Gifts''' |So you're invited to a July 4th barbeque and you don't want to go empty-handed. Check out our guide for some great patriotic gifts. ! |- valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Mr. Gadget''' |What to get the man who has everything - and who has the latest version of everything? Our guide will help you find what he never knew he needed. | ! | ! | ! |- |valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Nerds''' |valign="top" | Sure, you could just get your nerd the latest ''Star Trek'' DVD, but why not think outside the box a bit and find something he or she will really love? |valign="top" | ! |valign="top" | ! |valign="top" | ! |- |valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Sports Fanatics''' ! |valign="top" | Before you start shopping, take a look at our guide to find the perfect present for the footballer, baseball star, or basketball legend in your life. |valign="top" | ! |valign="top" | ! |valign="top" | ! |- |valign="top" | !'''Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts''' |valign="top" | True, all you may need to travel is tickets, money and your passport, but wouldn't it be fun to have some special gadgets to take along on that dream vacation? |valign="top" | ! |valign="top" | ! |valign="top" | ! |}