Easter Gifts

For most Christians, Easter Sunday (April 24, 2011) hosts the most important religious holiday of the year. For children, it is often more about egg hunts and a visit from the mischievous little Easter Decorations for some additional gift ideas!

Family Courtesy

Religious holidays remind people of their core beliefs, elicit gratitude, and Jesus' resurrection and set in the midst of spring, Easter is especially a time to reflect on rebirth and new beginnings. This holiday, reach out to those loved ones with whom you've quarreled; rebuild bridges. Give a peace offering in the spirit of the season and remind your friends and family how much you care. Consider some of the following, heartfelt ideas.

Bunny Fun: Gifts for Kids

The night before Easter Sunday, children are bursting with excitement as they anticipate the goodies they will receive in an overflowing Easter basket, hopefully stuffed chock full with jelly beans, courtesy of the Easter Bunny. The options below are fairly classic, so they should be appreciate by a pretty large audience.

Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Grandparents

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