Though you're probably still dressing in more layers than an onion and have forgotten what it's like not to have to warm your car up for ten minutes before going anywhere, Easter Bunny and his penchant for leaving children colored eggs, to the United States, making it a holiday staple ever since. Easter is the most important feast day in the Christian tradition, celebrating the death and resurrection of liturgical calendar.  Therefore, practicing Christians typically spend the Easter period attending church services, both solemn and joyous; these culminate in the Easter Sunday Mass.  

Edibles and Other Treats

For both Christians and nonPillowcases'>small gifts are exchanged, and children are given the chance to dirty their Sunday outfits while they hunt for hidden eggs with their family and friends.

The Significance of Easter Symbols

By the time the First Council of Nicaea had convened in 325 AD to decide upon some of the central tenets of the early Christian Church, many of the symbols that would come to be inextricably associated with Easter had already been wellSet'>Passover and the coming of spring. For pagans and Christians alike, Related Guides * Arts and Crafts for Kids * Candy * Easter Gifts * Spring Decorating * Spring Style Guide