Candy Buying Guide

vegetarian options for the sweet tooth that needs alternatives. There's so much to explore in the wide world of candy that there is truly something out there to satisfy any and every candy lover. Read on!

Hard Candy

Chocolate Candy

Chewy Candy

Those with cavities, beware! While these sweet treats may satisfy your sugar craving, they are so chewy they might get stuck in your teethwhich isn't fun for anyone. However, if you think you can handle it, go ahead, take a big bite!

Artful Candy

So you've got the candy, and you want to arrange it in an artful way inside your home. Fresh out of options? Consider a few of these.

Retro Candy

You remember when... yeah, you remember when. Well these candies are here for exactly that reason. When nostalgia strikes and nothing else satisfies, you should look for your childhood favorites.

Alternative Candy

Some of us prefer to live self, and body friendly options for your sweet tooth.   

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