Gifts for Nerds

The nerd (or 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100100 in binary) is a fascinating creature who roams offices, computer labs, and Star Trek conventions across the globe. Easily distinguished by their proficiency with computer code, numbers, or other fields of expertise, these folks are highly sought after for their ability to perform highly technical tasks and fix things by which the general populace is bewildered. The various types of nerds are nearly as plentiful as these wonderful creatures themselves: from mathematicians crunching huge integers to scientists mapping the human genome, all share a common quest for knowledge that binds them in the fraternity of nerd-dom. If you’re looking to purchase a gift for a birthday or anniversary, or you're just wanting to wish congratulations on their discovering a new quasar, try rewarding their inner nerdiness, and they’ll likely reciprocate by inventing something swell for you.

General Nerds

Not sure what type of nerd he or she is? Maybe your nerd doesn't fall into a specific category. He or she is all nerd-encompassing. If so, check out these gifts that any geek is sure to love.

You Can Hack It

For those who can look at screens of coding and understand what it means, hack into the Pentagon, and fix his or her computer in under five minutes. 

Do the Math

He or shes laugh in the face of those who use calculators, knows the value of pi up to 20 digits, and can tell me the square root of 4,592 in under ten seconds.

Blinding Them with Science

Whether your nerd is into chemistry, biology, or astrophysics, you can find the most geektacular gift around.

A Little Bit Convention-al

You can find this nerd on the prowl at conventions, most liking wearing cosplay or LARP-ing (live action role play). 

Sucker for Star Wars

The force is strong with this nerd. Come to the dark side...we have cookies!

Trekkies Anonymous

Boldly go where no nerd has ever gone before.

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