Electronics Gifts Buying Guide

So you want the perfect tech gift for the guy or girl who has (or at least wants) every cool gadget that comes out? You have plenty to think about!  The electronics market is huge and you can find gifts for all sorts of budgets, whether you're willing to spend ten bucks or ten thousand.

Consider the Following

* '''How much do you have to spend?''' This is probably the biggest limiting factor in any type of gift-buying, but particularly for electronics, where the range of prices is so varied. Once you narrow down your range of prices and decide the type of gift to buy, remember that different brands and different models of the gifts will cost more or less depending on their bells and whistles, as well as the warranty. * '''What does this person like?''' Our guide for What Separates Gadgets from Other Electronics? Gadgets are smaller, less vital and often farther ahead of the curve than other electronics. For instance, a cell phone wristwatch[[GPS Devices|]] is. Patterns seem to indicate that something is a gadget if it: * Has an LED. * Can take a memory card. * Plays music where you wouldn't expect any. * Is completely silent. * Has a motor. * Has sensors. * Looks like silver or steel. * Is USB port so you never have to leave your computer.

What Are the Fun Gadgets?

LED Flashlights, Key Finder Systems, Robot Toys, Clocks...

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