Bridal Headpieces

The perfect veils or headpieces you should have already picked out your gown and at least considered some of the possible hairstyles that you might like to do. Then, once you purchase the headpieces and veil, you can go to the salon and try out a few styles to see what you like best. Remember that brides who want to wear a veil throughout the entire wedding, from ceremony to last dance, will want to look for something that is beautiful, functional, and durable. The hairstyle will become secondary in relationship to how the veil looks from the front AND behind. If your goal is not the veil, then focus more on your hair and how it will look when the veil comes off. Either way you choose, try and find something that will accentuate your favorite facial features and that will balance out your face shape. With sunglasses, haircuts, hats, shirts, and jewelry, face shape always plays a part in which type you choose. The same goes with veils and hair pieces. The bottom line is that opposites flatter most. * Round face? Avoid full veils that make your head look rounder than it is; look for soft fabrics that drape instead. Updos are excellent choices as are sleek styles with the hair down. * Oblong face? Give it a fuller look with a fluffier waterfall style veil and avoid updos that will make you look even longer. * Square jaw? Soften it with tendrils of hair around your face. Avoid full veils that might make your face look wider than it is. * Heart-shaped? Updos with a veil placed below the hair extend out from behind the neck, making it look wider. * Short face? Lengthen it with a longer veil without too much fullness. Mantilla styles will elongate your line.


Hairpieces can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Typically, pearls, rhinestones, sequins, and floral embellishments are things you'll find on hairpieces.

The Veil

Besides personal taste, choosing a gown and frame your face and figure well. For example, if you have a very accentuated waist, it's best not to have the veil hit right at the waist because it will take away from the hourglass look. Better choose one that hits slightly above or below the waist. Likewise, if you have a lot of intricate embellishments on the back of the skirt, it would make sense to have either a shorter or longer veil that will showcase the detailing instead of covering it up. '''Veil Length and Width !''' These are five of the most popular veil lengths, but you can also find veils in almost any length you want, from a barelylength veils. Each length has its own stylistic effect and conveys a little about the bride's personality, so look for the veil that suits you best!  Veils are also available in several standard widths, as illustrated below. '''Veil Shapes and Styles'''  Veils come in several different shapes and styles. You should consider how many tiers you want; a single veil is simple and chic, while having a blusher and a longer veil are more traditional and a little more dramatic. Three tiers would probably be a bit much for all but the most formal weddings. Not all cuts or styles are available in multiple tiers; for example, a mantilla is usually the only veil and is not combined with a blusher.  '''Veil Fabrics''' The fabric used for the veil is the primary factor in the "poufiness" of the veil and will also affect the opacity, weight, stiffness and drape of the veil.   '''Color and Detailing ''' The color of the veil should match to the dress as closely as possible. There are usually three colors to choose from: baby blue are all showing up at veil retailers. The choice is yours, it's your wedding day Pay close attention to the detailing, if any, on the veil. There may be beaded designs, might want a simpler veil so as not to distract from the gown. The bottom line is, the more ornate the gown, the simpler you want the veil to be. The opposite is not always the case (a simpler gown calls for a more ornate headpiece) unless you want to draw attention to your face. However, if keeping an overall simple look is what you're after, keep both pieces as minimally ornamented as possible. |}

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