Wedding Rings Buying Guide

Buying a woman can make in his or her lifetime. After all, this ring symbolizes your union to each other and needs to last. There are a few basic things to consider when choosing a wedding ring, such as comfort, size, metal, and practicality. Mostly though, your choice is going to be a personal decision of looks and style. Obviously, there is no definitive guide to which styles are the best since everyone's tastes are different.

Women's Rings

'''Styles '''

Popular Metals

Since silver and titanium are often used for men's rings, the only real options for women's rings are gold (preferably lime gold women's ring. Usually white gold is the pick of choice if you want a "silver" looking ring since platinum tends to cost nearly three times as much. However, platinum is stronger and more durable.

Sizing and Fit

If you tend to be a busy woman, chances are that you don't want a ring that is going to get in the way. Opt for rings with a low setting and smooth edges, such as a channel setting or traditional band, so that it won't catch on anything. Also make sure that the ring is built to complement the size of your hand. You don't want something so large that it looks overwhelming or so small that it's barely visible.

Diamond Alternatives

If you wish to have a diamond in your wedding ring, but it doesn't fall within your budget, consider other white/clear gemstones such as cubic zirconia. You might want to let your groom know that you're getting a substitute stone. 

Men's Rings

It's not easy for men to choose jewelry, much less a wedding ring. To make it less of a hassle for you, take into account the following points that will guide your decision in choosing the perfect ring. * '''Metals''': The metal a ring is made of will greatly affect its strength and durability. It is especially important to consider when buying something that you plan to wear every day for the rest of your life. ** Gold *** Gold rings scratch less easily, but the metal is softer than others. However, gold is the most popular metal around. *** Choose from 24k gold is very soft, it is usually not recommended. *** For a better looking (richer color) and longer lasting ring, go for 18k or higher. *** You might also like the look of colored golds rose. *** If you love gold, but can't fathom wearing it while working with your hands, consider getting a ring that can be worn on a chain. Any ring that does not have a intricate design can wear well on a chain. ** Titanium *** Working with your hands or playing sports can cause damage to your ring. To protect your investment from the beginning, titanium is the strongest metal available. *** Keep in mind that these rings tend to be fairly lightweight compared to their strength. *** Titanium rings usually cannot be resized. *** Titanium comes in a variety of colors. ** Platinum *** This is the heaviest of metals, and it is fairly dense, which can make adjustments and sizing difficult. *** Look for 950pt, 900pt, or 850pt to ensure high quality. 900pt means that the ring is 90% platinum and 10% another metal, often iridium or ruthenium. *** Platinum happens to be quite rare, so it is nearly three times the price of gold. *** Platinum rings are rarely, if ever, plated. However, platinum can scratch easily. Fortunately, it is easy to repair, since the metal is not removed when the ring is scratched.  ** Silver *** Silver is easy to tarnish, bend, and scratch. *** While fine for everyday wear, it is not a recommended metal for a wedding ring. Opt for white gold, titanium, or platinum if you want the ring to have a "silver" appearance. * '''Comfort: '''If a ring isn't comfortable, obviously you will be less interested in wearing it. This can be an issue for those who aren't used to wearing rings. If that is the case, you can buy something inexpensive to try out before deciding that you want the ring. Keep these tips in mind: ** Try out a few styles of ring before committing to one. ** Depending on the size of your hand and fingers you might want a thicker or thinner band width. Usually, the narrower the band, the easier the ring is to wear. ** The inner edge of the ring should be softly rounded to provide a better, more comfortable fit. You might also be interested in a comfort fit band, one that is rounded on the inside but flat on the outside, conforming more to your finger. * '''Your Style''': There is no sense in just picking a ring because your partner thinks it's nice or if your friend has one like it. The only way to get the right style is to consider what you would feel most comfortable in. The only time that this might not work is when you and your partner are planning to buy matching rings. Then you'll both have to compromise.For those who don't plan to wear their ring during the week (usually due to working conditions), it might be a good idea to look into non-traditional wedding ring styles. Since the ring won't be worn every day, it can be considered a special occasion ring; one that is a little bit more stylish, possibly with a gem or diamond inlay. '''Styles'''

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