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From walking down the aisle to the gown, and the bride's height in comparison to her groom. If you're planning to change your shoes between your trip down the aisle and your entrance on the dance floor, aim to have shoes of similar heights; otherwise, you gown might look a little too long or too short at some point.  Of course, sizing is a given with any pair of shoes. They need to fit and feel comfortable throughout the ceremony and into a long night of dancing. Luckily, sizing for wedding shoes isn't complicated. In fact, it's the same as street shoe sizing making buying online a fairly simple method of shopping. However, many brides will prefer going to a store and actually trying on many pairs before selecting the right one. If you like shoe shopping, finding a pair for your wedding should be a cinch; there aren't many rules beyond "get what you like!"  Once you have your perfect shoes picked out, don't forget to bring them to your dress fittings. You'll want to make sure your dress is just the right length, so this is important! Also be sure to try on your shoes with the dyeable, so make sure to find out before you buy the shoes if you are planning on having them dyed.  ! A few other things to consider when picking out wedding shoes are: * '''Heel Height''' : Choosing a heel height is an important factor in selecting shoes. You want them to be comfortable to wear, whether you are walking, sitting, or hitting the dance floor. Try not to stray too far from what you normally wear on a day to day basis. If you have never owned a pair of stilettos, this is not the time to start experimenting with them. Just because some people will say that flats, slides, or sandals are best reserved for the honeymoon, don't think that you can't don them for your wedding. ballroom dance shoes! : When selecting a heel height, also consider the following: ** '''The length of your dress'''. With a floordress'>short dress, you might want to lengthen your legs with taller heels. ** '''Your height versus that of your partner'''. The heel should be selected to make you and your partner closer to the same height. Obviously, if you are very tall and your partner is much shorter than you, don't buy dresses, which are becoming quite popular, and even ballet length dresses will put your feet ins the limelight. When this is the case, style is important and should be as much a reflection of your dress as of your personality. If that means matching the shoes to your gown, then by all means buy them in the same fabric and color. If you're not set on sticking to tradition, don't be afraid to explore the road less travelled; flips flops at a formal banquet reception. Just use common sense. ** '''Wedding shoes don't have to be white. '''Some popular colors that are outshining diamond white dress is not going to work with a pair of pure white shoes. To tone down stark white shoes you'll need to get a bridal wash. To save hassle, bring along a swatch with you to the store. When it comes to bridesmaids shoes, if you are dying them, send them all out to be dyed at the same time that they are all dyed together. Otherwise, the color can come back looking different from shoe to shoe. ** '''When matching fabric, match the hem, not the bodice. '''Fabrics to consider are either satin. Satin is usually preffered by brides with satin dresses, while Boca goes nicely with just about everything else. Both fabric types can be dyed as long as you aren't dying over white. After the wedding, any light shade can be dyed to black so that you can wear the shoes again. Be careful when ordering dyed shoes. Tell them if you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding since lighting will make a difference in the way the color looks. Also, for outdoor weddings, make sure to get a sealant put on the shoes so that they don't run or buy an extra pair just in case. * '''Cost''' : Weddings are expensive enough without getting into the details. However, you can't walk down the aisle without the proper shoes. So, the question is whether or not to spend $200 on a pair of shoes that you may never wear again. For those with cash to spare, this is probably not an issue. For those who have a strict budget, there are ways to get around expensive shoes. Even places like Payless ShoeSource offer a selection of wedding shoes. * '''Other Concerns''' ** Can you wear leather instead of satin or cloth shoes? Sure you can, but they may be harder to match the color to your dress. ** Do you have to wear hose with sandals? It can make your look appear more polished, but it is by no means an absolute. Do what makes you feel comfortable, and always have a few extra pairs of hose on hand if you choose to wear them.

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Wedding shoes often mimic what's hot in the rest of the fashion world. So, for the time being, here are the must-have styles.

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* Ann Taylor * Anne Klein * Christian Lacroix * Claudia Ciuti * Cynthia Rowley * Dianne Lynn * Dyeables * Enzo * Fifi * Fillippa Scott London * Giuseppe Zanotti * Grace * Grazia * J. Renee * Jimmy Choo * Kate Spade * Nina * Stuart Weitzman * Vera Wang

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