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Spotlight On: Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithiumion batteries for these popular camera brands.  

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Suggestions for a few chargers that can power up various types of batteries.  

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Whether you have a portable FM radio, a camera, or a flashlight, you will need some type of battery. There are two main types to choose from: the conventional disposable, or the rechargeable. The question is, what are you powering? This will determine what type of battery you should choose to get the best mileage.

Disposable: Alkaline vs. Lithium

* Both lithium batteries cause damage to the environment even when disposed of properly, which most of the time, they aren't. * Best for low-drain devices. * High-drain alkalines are good for devices such as cameras, motorized toys, and CD players. * Name brands are always more expensive than generic. * High-drain versions cost twice as much as regular alkalines in the long run. * Lithiums have a long shelf-life but cost four times more than alkalines. **D ** Energizer e2 **AAA

Rechargeable Batteries

Thinking about rechargeable batteries?  Consider these points. * Cadmium-free batteries are better for the environment. * Higher initial cost, lower long-term cost. * Good for devices that you use often and that need repeated battery replacement. * Best for high-drain devices. * Nickel-metal hybrids are the best because they create less waste, although they are sometimes less powerful. * Also come as lithium-ion. * Not good for things that sit for long periods because they discharge over time. ** Energizer NiMH AA, AAA, C, D

Drain Meter

High-drain devices

* Boom boxes * Devices with DC motors or bright displays * Digital cameras * Cameras with a flash * Halogen flashlights * Motorized toys * Portable tape players

Moderate-drain devices

* Alarm Clocks * Digital Cameras * PDAs * Portable CD Players

Low-Drain Devices

* Pagers * Calculators * Remote Controls * Smoke Alarms

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