Alarm Clocks

They may be one of the more despised products out there but just about everyone needs one. Alarm clocks are a fact of life. Find one that won't fail you and let us help.

Types of Alarm Clocks

Features to Consider

* '''The Snooze Button''' ** Where is it located? ** Will you be able to hit it with accuracy while still half asleep, or will you accidentally hit something else (like the Off button)? ** How long is the snooze? Is snooze length programmable? * '''Ease of Programming''' ** Is the clock easy to program or excessively complicated? ** Where are the programming and set switches? Are they dangerously close to the snooze button? * '''Power Source''' ** Does the alarm clock run on house current? ** If it runs on house current, does it have a battery backup? *** Battery backup is important, especially if you live in an area prone to blackouts. ** If you get an alarm clock that runs only on batteries, make sure to change or recharge them frequently. ** Analog, wind-up alarm clocks need only occasional winding, but they don't offer the range of features available on electronic alarm clocks. * '''Numbers''' ** Most people like to be able to read their alarm clocks, so make sure the numbers on yours are big enough for you to read easily, especially in the dark. ** If you wear glasses, don't forget you might not be able to read smaller numbers in the middle of the night. ** There are also analog alarm clocks available, but consider whether you will be able to read it in the dark. * '''Backlight''' ** Some clocks have adjustable backlighting levels. ** If you are sensitive to light while trying to fall asleep, look for a dimmer switch. ** Some high-end clocks may automatically adjust their brightness when you turn the room lights on or off. * '''Multiple Alarm Settings''' ** Some clocks only have one programmable slot for the alarm. ** Fancier models may have a "72" system, which means that the alarm can go off at the same time every day, or it can go off the same time five days a week and at a different time the other two days of the week. ** Some clocks simply have more than one alarm that you can set some have as many as three or four. *** Handy if two people need to wake up at two different times. * '''Wake-Up Call''' ** Some clocks only offer one alarm type usually a beep or chime of some kind. ** You may choose to opt for one that has multiple sound options, including a radio or CD player. * '''Sound Machines''' ** Many alarm clocks on the market now have a Sound machines can also be purchased separately. * '''Time Zones''' ** If you are specifically interested in an alarm clock for traveling, consider getting one with multiple time zone settings. ** This will let you keep track of what time it is at home and wherever you are traveling.

Other Features

There seems to be a never-ending array of alarm clocks on the market now with all kinds of special gadgets. Here are a few of the most fun features: * Sync with atomic clock for absolute accuracy. * Indoor and outdoor temperature, weather and humidity. * Built-in gradual light wakes you up progressively with light and sound. * Calculator and calendar. * Multiple radio station memory slots (AM and FM). * Projection: some clocks feature red projections of the time, date, temperature and more on the wall or ceiling. * Talking alarm clocks: announce the time on demand or when the alarm goes off. * Specialty alarm clocks: feature cartoon characters or other novelties.

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MP3 Alarm Clocks

You can dock or line-in any iPod or MP3 with a standard USB input into these alarm clocks.  Wake up to your favorite playlists with crystal clear, digital sound.

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