Water Sports

Summer fun can be whatever you make it. There are those of us who are thrilled by the idea of a towel, sunglasses, an economy sized bottle of SPF 45, and a Nora Roberts novel. For anyone who gets tired of laying around all day, watching the surf pull in unsuspecting sand castles, here are some activities that are sure to be a major hit. Some do require a little practice, but who knows, maybe part of the fun will be falling off and getting back on again.  Whether you're at the beach, a lake, your town pool, or the local pond, put on your swim suit and get ready to try some of these thrilling water sports and games!

Safety Tips for Water Sports

* Always wear a lifejacket, especially when in dangerous waters, or if you are a child or an inexperienced swimmer. * Learn CPR and First Aid. It may seems unnecessary, but if it does come in handy one day, it could mean the difference between life and death. * Learn to swim. Ask a friend to teach you, practice in a local pool with a lifeguard, or take classes. You shouldn't really be anywhere near the water if you can't swim. * Don't dive anywhere unless you are absolutely sure that it is safe. Never dive without anyone watching. Water should be at least 16 feet deep in order to safely dive in, but the higher up you are diving from, the deeper the water will need to be. * Don't do any water sport by yourself unless a lifeguard is present. * Don't do activities that are beyond your skill level. * Wear sunblock. It protects against skin cancer, and you'll look much younger in the long run. * Familiarize yourself with the animals in the area. Never touch a sea animal unless you are absolutely positive it is completely harmless. Don't remove sea animals from the water or sand, as this could harm or kill them. * Be careful when entering or exiting a boat. Have a buddy hold the boat steady. Enter and exit the boat one at a time.

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