Soccer Cleats

baseball cleats(because they have an additional toe cleat) are not meant for playing soccer. So here are the basics to familiarize yourself with soccer cleats starting with cleat types. !

Other Features

* Round stud cleats are best for all weather conditions, while oblong molded cleats enhance speed and forward momentum on dry turf. * Look for heavy-duty leather uppers and a solid construction across the toe area for the best impact when kicking. * Off-set lacing will give you better contact with the ball than centered laces. * Kangaroo leather tongues give a great feel, but many people, including Beckham himself, no longer endorses using baby kangas for shoes. * Look for good laces that will hold up to extreme weather.


When possible, trying on cleats before buying them is always a good idea unless you have already used that particular brand before. Even so, models within brands can differ in fit. Remember that you want something that fits snugly and that gives your arches good support. Even kids who are growing need a pair of soccer boots that they aren't sliding around in. Leaving them room to grow is not the best idea since most kids will need a new pair of cleats each season and extra room could cause them to get blisters, or worse, a sprained ankle.

The F50.6 TUNIT ClimaCool Kit: An All Ground and Weather Cleat

Adidas has introduced Royal, Black, and White. Expect: One pair of standard uppers, one pair of comfort chassis, soft grounds studs, firm ground studs, and hard ground studs. A pair of sneakers that can either be use to play futsal (indoor soccer) or for regular wear are the ''' A3 F50.6 TUNIT'''.'''//''' '''Cleat Brands !''' * Adidas TUNIT * Adidas Soccer Cleats * Diadora * Fila * Hummel * Joma * Kelme * Legend * Lotto * Nike * Puma * Reebok !