Personal Audio and Video

Everyone loves being entertained while on the go. Whether your morning commute has to have a soundtrack or you can't go anywhere without your favorite film in your hands, there are plenty of options for taking your music, movies, and games on the go with you.  the amount of gadgets you can have to keep your entire entertainment arsenal at your fingertips is astonishingly vast and the list just keeps on growing.

Audio Devices

iPods aren't the only choice when it comes to MP3 players. Some of the available brands of MP3 players are: * Creative * Sony * Microsoft * Toshiba * Rio * Cowon * Archos * Samsung * Dell * iRiver * RCA * Philips

Video Devices

So having a personal rock and roll library is great and all, but maybe just that doesn't do it for you. You want to be able to watch ''Shaun of the Dead'' at any point in the day, anywhere. portable TVs to choose from. Just don't get so lost in those cover songs that you miss the nurse calling your name. If you're a ''World of Warcraft'' devotee, travel charger, those batteries don't last forever!

Extras and Accessories

Ok, so you've got your cool new gadget, but you're going to need some extras to keep them safe and help them run smoothly so you can enjoy optimal performance. First and foremost, don't forget charger! Here are some other accessories to consider:

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