Mineral Cosmetics

By: User:heath @timeAndDate(1265151960) Mineral makeup gets back to basics, using naturally occurring, safe minerals that are ground to a fine powder and used as the makeup base.  Developed in the midlasting look in the end.


 Minerals are a fantastic choice for various reasons and they have some benefits over regular makeup. * '''Gentle on Skin: '''Mineral makeup is often better for sensitive skin as the lack of harsh ingredients will make it far less likely to cause rashes or acne. It also won't clog your pores like some heavier makeups do. * '''A Little Goes a Long Way''': Less is more in the world of mineral makeup, so you'll find that a container lasts longer than the synthetic equivalent. Because the powder is loose, it spreads easily over the face. * '''Versatile''': One pot of pigment can be used for multiple applications. Say you pick up this gorgeous brushes, you can apply that same color as blush, eyeliner, and even lipstick. It's also easy to mix and create your own blends. Mineral makeup is perfect for gals who like to think outside the box and get really creative with their colors. * '''Specific to Skin Types''': No two faces are made exactly the same: we all have different problems, whether we break out a lot or have dry, flaky areas we want to take care of. Fortunately, there are different kinds of makeup for different skin types. ** Sensitive: No harsh chemicals mean that those with sensitive skin get the freedom to apply makeup without having to worry about reactions or irritation. **Popular Products


Application Tips

So you've got your set of brushes and some awesome makeup, but where do you even begin? Here's some basic application help for different types of mineral makeup. Note: before applying, make sure you clean and moisturize your face. * '''Foundation''': Pour a small amount of powder into the lid of the container, and then dip your kabuki brush into the powder. Tap off any excess. When you apply to the
face, buff the makeup on in small circular motions, starting from the outside in, towards the cheeks and nose. If the coverage isn't enough, repeat the process to add another layer. * '''Concealer''': Tapping the makeup over a blemish works well: this corrects problem areas but doesn't highlight the fact that you're wearing makeup. To cover under the eyes, gently sweep from one end to another. * '''Blush''': Apply just a small bit on the apples of your cheeks, then buff into the skin. Blush should appear natural and not sit on top of the skin. If you think you've put too much on you can easily blend in some more foundation; this will tone down the color. * '''Eyeshadow''': Take an eyeshadow brush and gently dab the shadow on to your eyelids. The key is dabbing, not sweeping, or you'll get streaks. Contour brushes are great for emphasizing the crease with a different color. * '''Eyeliner''': You will need an angled shadow brush to get the fine line of eyeliner. Take whichever color you are looking to use and add a drop of water to it to create a darker paste. Start from the outside of the eye and work your way to the inner corner. * '''Mascara''': Related Products

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