Makeup Mirrors

Whether for yourself or as a gift for the makeup lover, a makeup mirror is an excellent addition to the bathroom or vanity table. Here are the major types of makeup mirrors'''. '''Prices start at less than $10 and soar to $100+. !


Once deciding on a type of mirror, whether it be for home use or for travel, you can then decide which factors are most important to you. * '''If you are looking at a travel model, size is crucial. ''' ** For everyday use, a small pocket mirror with high magnification will be the best choice. ** Dual-mirror models offer the best of both worlds. ** Because of their low cost, it won't matter if they are dropped, lost, or forgotten somewhere. ** Look for models that have scratch resistant casing so that they will continue to look nice or get one with a case of some sort. ** For weeks or months of travel at a time, a larger travel mirror with higher magnification is a better choice. *** Typically mirrors of this size will be lightweight and have a magnification of around 10x. *** The higher the magnification, the more expensive they will be. *** You can easily pack one into your bag and use it at your destination. *** These models rarely have a built-in lights. * '''If you want to use the model at home, lights and magnification are necessary luxuries.''' ** Spending the money on a fullmirror/'>7x or greater). ** More magnification will cost more but it will give you a better view. ** Choosing a design you enjoy is important and so is picking a style that matches your d├ęcor. *** Telescoping models are flexible to adjust to your seated height. ***suction backed mirrors. ** Make sure that they are fogless.

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