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The Mac Mini

The Mac Mini made by Apple is a super compact, portable, external hard drive as far as size. Don't be fooled by the size; although it takes up a mere 6" x 6" square of desk space and measures only two inches tall, it packs quite a punch. Before I go into details about the available model options, let's discuss some of the pros and cons of this compact computer. * '''PROS ''' ** Doesn't get any smaller for a full it takes up minimal desk space. ** You can easily bring it with you to a meeting as an external hard drive. Also, this would be a perfect apparatus to fit a mobile lifestyle. However, it cannot substitute for a laptop as it does need wires to connect to a monitor. ** Starts at around $600, but you will need to shell out extra for other peripherals. ** Perfect for anyone who wants a good computer for all-around productivity. * '''CONS''' ** Buying a keyboard and a mouse adds to the cost, but it does give you greater freedom in choosing the latest accessory from a slew of technologically innovative products. ** The computer games. ** Like laptops, they don't have any room for future upgrades or modifications because everything is basically suchered onto the motherboard.

Option Comparison

Options in Detail

* '''Processor''' ** Two available models: 1.42GHz, which is the same speed as an iBook, with an 80GB hard drive. ** I would suggest going with the faster speed processor and the 80GB. You have no idea how quickly space gets eaten up once you download music, movies, etc. Not to mention those important documents and programs. * '''RAM''' ** Come with 512MB RAM, which can be expanded up to 1GB. ** Since RAM is the second most important aspect when it comes to a computer's speed, I would definitely recommend the upgrade. 1GB RAM is a lot less than you would think. If you plan to be running any big programs, or anything with 3D, 1GB minimum is a requisite. * '''CD-ROM''' ** The sleek slot-loading Combo Drive can play both DVDs and CDs. ** There is also the option of upgrading the the SuperDrive Mac Mini which allows you to play and burn DVDs and CDs. * '''Graphics Card''' ** The ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB support. Don't even THINK about the Mac Mini if you like playing 3D games. * '''Input/Output''' ** There are plenty of connective ports available: a FireWire, two highSpeakers'>Computer Speakers. ** If two USB ports are not enough for you because you have more than two external peripherals, simply buy a USB hub. * '''Internet Connectivity''' ** If you want Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme you have to specially request it on the 1.25GHz model, but it comes standard on the others. * '''Software''' ** You get all the Software that comes on an Apple laptop or desktop, such as the Tiger OS 10.4, iLife (iTunes, Garage Band, iDVD, iPhoto, etc), AppleWorks, QuickTime, and more. * '''Warranty''' ** Ninety day warranty comes standard like most other Mac products, however Apple iCare can be extended to up to 3 years of service for an extra couple hundred dollars. ** The upgrade on the warranty is recommended since it gives you three years of unlimited service. No matter what happens, Apple will take care of it.

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