Perhaps the best-known of the Jewish holidays, Hanukkah has gained significant prominence in the last hundred years or so due to its proximity on the calendar to Christmas. Although it is technically a minor festival, 'tis the season for everything festive, and Hanukkah has its fair share of the market in holiday decorations, tchotchkes, and other consumer products. There's a lot to celebrate for Hanukkah. You'll need all the basics just for your family, but if you're also having a party on one of those eight crazy nights, you might need a few more things. Check out these selections, but keep in mind that these are by no means the only ones out there!

The Origins of Hanukkah

Hanukkah Party

A lot of families will choose to have a Hanukkah party for their friends and family on one of the eight nights of the holiday. Why not show them how's it's done? ! * '''Decorations:'''  Put up some blue, silver, and white in honor of Israel.  Also, blue outdoor lights.  * '''Invitations:''' Grab some potato latkes and sufganiyot.  * '''Activities:''' When guests arrive, have the activities ready to go. The dreidel game is a good, traditional choice! For a memorable and heartwarming activity, ask guests to think of an inspiring moment or situation they have experienced. This is nice way for friends and family to connect with each other.  * '''Gifts:'''  Gift exchanges are great! If your family can't get together for each of the eight days, you might want to choose to do one gift instead, or give all eight gifts in one night!  ** For nonDreidels'>dreidels are always a cool item to give out.  


When people think about Hanukkah, their first image is usually of a whimsical.

Menorah Candles


Known as ''s'vivon'' in Israel, dreidels are fun to twirl, and are often ornamental. This spinning top is fourDreidel.htm'>rules. !


Latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts) are best made from scratch, but here a few helpers in case you can't do it yourself.  Make sure you have a good pan for frying those potato pancakes, no matter how you make them. If you want to make sufganiyot, you'll need a deep fryer too. Don't forget the cookies!

Dance, Dance!

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