Hanukkah Crafts

Looking for something to keep the kids busy while you fry crafts to keep the young ones occupied throughout the holiday. 

Make Your Own Dreidel

One of the holiday's easiest crafts is to make your own paper punch. Make sure you print out this free dreidel pattern so that you can follow along with the directions below! * Once you have all of your materials, print out the pattern and use your scissors to cut it out. The pattern will be your guide when cutting out the other dreidel pieces. * Use the paper punch to remove the hole in the middle of the pattern. * Then, prefold along the fold lines before you glue.  After you see how everything is going to line up, glue along the glue lines. * Insert the pencil through the middle. Voila! A dreidel!  Kids can do most of the project with little supervision, and the decorating process afterward will keep them occupied for hours! If you have older kids don't be afraid of bringing out the markers

Make Your Own Menorah

There are a few different ways to make a menorah this Hanukkah, some of which are really creative and different. '''Tree Branch Menorah''': Get a tree branch that's preferably as round and smooth as possible. If it's not, you can easily sand it down with sandpaper. A tree branch with a flat surface will work as well. You can color the branch itself anything you'd like with spray paint or acrylic. Use a drill (and around kids make sure there's adult supervision, of course) and drill eight small holes into the branch. Place in candles and ta-da, your menorah is complete. '''Glass Candle Menorah''': If you want something a little sturdier and maybe more pleasing to the eye, you can buy several candles and place them in glass holders or jars. You can then have the kids draw images on construction paper to glue on the outside, whether it be the Star of David, or a dreidel, or anything else that is a symbol of the holiday. Then they can be lined up in order and lit.

Crafts to Buy

If creating your own from scratch just seems like too much work, try picking up a seasonal craft kit! Since this is the season for giving, make tzedakah a part of your Hanukkah celebration with some of these crafty ideas.

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