Hand Mixers Buying Guide

stand mixer. Though usually reserved for smaller tasks and some that require more than just a little whisking, hand mixers still have a place in the kitchen—and many of the newer hand mixers have the power to take on any dough from light to thick. They are able to handle any of your everyday kitchen needs, while taking up a minimum of space.  The benefit of hand mixers to stand mixers is that you can use any size bowl with the beaters, so if you are preparing something like a large cake batter, this model will be more versatile.


* '''Power: '''If you mostly make cookies and cakes and only occasionally use your mixer for heavier tasks like bread, you'll probably be fine with a hand mixer. However, if you mostly bake breads or use a mixer for additional heavy tasks, consider a stand mixer instead. * '''Attachments''' ** Wire Whips: Good for mixing creams and egg whites. ** Flat Beaters: Adequate for mixing batters. ** Dough Hooks: Assist in kneading dough. * '''Size : '''A hand mixer takes up much less space than a stand mixer as all you have to worry about storing are the beaters and the actual mixing apparatus. * '''Warranty''': If you are going to seriously invest in your mixer, make sure it has at least a one-year warranty. * '''Speed''': Most hand blenders come equipped with three speeds from low-fast, which is typically all you need when mixing. However, most 5 or 6 speed blenders are reasonably priced f you want more options.

Notable Hand Mixers


Now that you've picked out your mixer, keeping it clean is important for maintenance. When cleaning off the beaters on your hand mixer, don't run them through the dishwasher as they  will be prone to bend or rust. Leaving the blenders attached to the beater and then soaking them in a bowl of warm and soapy water while whirling them through is the best way to get them clean. After you have let them air dry, you can clean the appliance part of the mixer. Since it is electrical, be sure not to soak it in water, but rather wipe down with a warm, soapy rag. For certain crevices in the mixer that are hard to clean, a toothbrush can be effective for removing caked on stains. After the mixer is cleaned, be sure to store it properly: wipe down the electrical cord and and loosely coil it around the mixer. Be sure not to tightly wrap it as this can wear down or break the cord.

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