Halloween Gifts

Now whether you have Halloween Crafts for more ideas from craft kits to costumes and more. If you are a teacher and are looking for gifts for your students, here are some simple ideas that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Some of the ideas below also make good gifts to give to trick or treaters if you prefer not to give candy (but be prepared for vengeful, egg-wielding, trick or treating sugar addicts). *Halloween pencil tops. * Magic Color Scratch Halloween Shapes are perfect for a quick arts and crafts break. * Halloween Stickers are fun for decorating. * Halloween Bookmark Craft Kits contain fun activities that complement reading lessons. * Halloween Lollipops make for a sweet and festive treat! * Harry Potter Bertie Botts Beans Gift Boxes are full of gross jelly beans flavored like rotten egg, earwax, and dirt! * Halloween Spot Glow Necklaces to wear while they trick or treat.

Slumber Party Must-Haves

Here are a few ideas to help you prepare: from spooky board games to chilling books and movies, and everything in between! If you have younger children, you should be especially sensitive to the subject matter of any books or movies you will be showing at a party.  Here is some suggested reading and viewing for tots: '''Ages 4-8''' *The Berenstain Bears Go on a Ghost Walk. * Arthur's Halloween: Arthur might be scared of all things Halloween, but he soon learns that appearances can be deceiving. * Too Many Pumpkins: All throughout her childhood, Rebecca Estelle was so poor that she only ate pumpkins and thus grew to hate them. However, decades later, a pumpkin "infestation" in her yard forces her to reconsider. * The Monster Trap: On a visit to his grandfather, Paddy is convinced he hears monsters and so the fellows build a trap. But will the device work out as planned? '''Ages 9-12''' * Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events: These stories chronicle the misadventures of the three Baudelaire orphans and are macabre yet playful. * The Halloween Tree: Ray Bradbury's tale of the adventures of eight different boys on Halloween night. Children will enjoy this eerie tale and also learn about different ancient and contemporary cultures. * Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: These tales are genuinely creepy and frighteningly illustrated. Recommended for braver souls! '''Age-appropriate movies''' * It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: A true classic: Halloween would hardly the same without the Peanuts gang (and Charlie Brown's trick or treat bag full of rocks). * Hocus Pocus: Witches, talking cats, the undead, a musical number: what more could you want from a movie? * Bedknobs and Broomsticks: Angela Lansbury plays an apprentice witch tasked with the care of three young refugees during WWII, and together, the group set out to find the spell that will help the Allied forces. * Casper's Spookiest Tales: The Friendly Ghost can be found in many charming cartoons. Younger ones will especially love this collection.

For Your Host

Big kids like to have fun on Halloween too. If you have been invited to a Halloween party, don't be a ghastly guest and not bring something. Here are some gifts to light up someones dark and devilish night.

Home Decor

If you are decorating your place for Halloween or if you want to help your host get into the spirit, here are some Halloween-inspired decorations:

Great Games

Games are an excellent choice for when you want to celebrate the holiday, but you don't necessarily want to deck your home out like a haunted house. For adults, murder mystery games are the perfect choice for an evening full of sophisticated fun and fright. Here are the most popular brands (there are several theme variations to choose), but you might also be interested in the classic game of Clue. *How to Host a Teen Mystery. * Murder Mystery Party: The themes for this series are based on your party's menu rather than a historical setting. With all of these dinner party games, it is a good idea to plan well in advance, determine how many people you will need to play, and how difficult the preparation of the food will be.

Scary Movies

Halloween is certainly a time to watch The Exorcist * The Shining * Frankenstein * House of 1,000 Corpses * Shadow of the Vampire * The Ring 2 * Dracula * The Saw series * Invasion of the Body Snatchers *Hitchcock films * The Hills Have Eyes * Rosemary's Baby  * The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari * The Phantom of the Opera

Scary Stories

Telling ghost stories is part of the Halloween tradition for many. Whether you are a book lover or simply enjoy a little chilling literary entertainment, here are some books to send your hair on end. * The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Washington Irving's book is synonymous with Halloween. * A Halloween Reader: Poems, Stories, And Plays From Halloweens Past: The best from Poe, Joyce, Burns, and others. *Poe that cannot be forgotten. * Great Ghost Stories by John Grafton: A compilation of several works by different authors. * Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula: Classics not to be missed. * The Three Impostors and Other Stories: The Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen, Volume 1 * The Turn of the Screw by Henry James * The Best Supernatural Tales of Arthur Conan Doyle: If you loved Sherlock Holmes, you may be interested in this spooky book. *The Lottery. *Breaking Dawn) is more romantic than terrifying, but if you can't get enough of vampires, look no further.

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