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Choosing a New Board Games The most recent news in board games, as many have noticed, is the Here and Now Edition of Monopoly. Read more about it here. ! One of the newest things to take the market by storm are Banzai, a DVD betting game might also be fun for those into putting it all on the line to win big. '''Seen at the Toy Fair'''

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Party Games

Party games are great because you can get a lot of people involved at the same time. They often require skills such as drawing, molding clay, acting/charades, word play and trivia. Other games not shown here, but also worth mentioning are Set. !

Conquest and Strategy Games

The strategy genre falls both under family games and what's sometimes called designer, Germangame'>Scotland Yard. !

Classic Board Games

These aren't the only supposed "classics" out there. Other noteworthy games include Canasta. !

Choosing Board Games for Kids

A great gift for children, board games are instant boredom medication. As with most toys, choosing board games for kids is mostly a matter of finding something suitable to their age. The recommendations on board games, such as 3+, 12+, etc., are a good guideline to follow. However, keep in mind that some parts can cause a choking risk and that every child develops at a different rate. Some four year olds may be perfectly happy sitting down to play a game, whereas others may not have the patience yet. When in doubt, go for the more advanced game so that the child can grow into it, otherwise the game will be too basic and bore the child. Be especially wary when it comes to board games with a limited age range, say 5 to 8. An eight year old and a child who just turned five are very different. When choosing for preschoolers, look for board games that help enhance a child's learning experience and promote the use of color and shapes. Numbers and basic math skills should start to come into play once a child enters school. Simplicity is key at this young age. Once a child has moved on from grade school you will want something challenging that requires logic and problemOY! (4+), a bilingual Spanish/English family game for language students, is an educational award winner. ''' !''' Take note of what particular interests a child may have. Some board games are based on a particular show, movie or character. Think Sponge Bob, etc. These games may cost more, but when they are applied to classic games that will be played hundreds of times, the special touch could be worthwhile. If the game is about the character alone, the game will be less likely to have staying power. ! Price may be a matter when it comes to board game selection. The most important price matters have to do with quality and playability. Games that will be played repeatedly for years to come will be well worth the extra money, while a game that has a very limited spectrum for game play will become tiresome and not get used as much. Often, games that are geared towards children less than 10 years old are not going to live on into the future for long. Don't spend more than $20 on one of these short-lived board games. If it's a collector's edition of something, expect to spend more than $50. These might be appropriate options for teenagers.

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