Gifts for Girls

No matter the occasionmotif'>fashionista. Who knows? Maybe this year she'll have an affection for saving the planet. Either way, with a little bit of time and thought you should be able to find the perfect gift. Here are some ideas to get you started on the right path to buying a gift that will make her smile.


The first thing to think about when buying a gift for a preschool-aged girl is what things she likes to play with on a daily basis. If you aren't a close family member, ask the parents for some clues and advice; they will certainly be willing to give suggestions. Otherwise, there are a few basics that this age group tends to like. When in doubt, simply remember that girls this age are all about fun and smiles.

Types of Gifts

* '''Favorite Characters''' ** Items including clothes, jewelry, accessories and even pillows or room decor. ** You can choose a classic character from Hello Kitty, or Trisket and Bisket. * '''Toys and Games''' ** Certain types of games and toys are good for this age group, such as play sets. ** Be careful when buying large items. Not all kids have room for a big dollhouse or play kitchen. When in doubt, ask the parents. * '''Outdoor Fun''' ** Children love being outside, and what better a way to motivate them to spend some time in the fresh air than with a fun toy for outside? ** Balls, tricycles, Scooby Doo.

If She Is High Tech

It's not just boys who like "techie" toys. The revolution has taken a commonplace role for kids these days and it goes without saying that there are hundreds of great gifts that are electronic. ! * From the audio department, there are MP3 players and fun portable speakers. * As far as computers go, one of the coolest things for kids these days are the mini laptops for learning. There are also LeapFrog Learning Pads for 2nd and 3rd graders, which are very educational. * If you're considering giving a video game, check with mom or dadgames'>video games at such an early age, but if it's ok, you want to make sure she doesn't already own the game!

Girly Girls

These gifts can work for the very girly girl, but remember, a big factor in whether or not a girl will like the gift or not is the color. Pinks are great for some, but otherswell, you can imagine.

Creative Kid

Art and music are universal. All kids should have a good creative influence in their life, especially if they show any interest in it. They might be into dance, music, theater arts, or visual arts. Here are some toys, games, kits, and art supplies that can help engage a girl's creative side.

Tween Girl

Ahh... being a tween. It's never easy. You are too "grownfail gifts to pick for a discriminating tween.

The Diva

Think pink, pretty, glamorous, and glitzy. You know this girl will enjoy shopping and fashion as she grows up, so foster her fashionista attitude. If she likes wearing makeup and the parents do not object, there are plenty of makeup kits available for little girls. Clothes, accessories and jewelry are all good gifts, but check with the parents for sizes.

The Nerd

There's nothing wrong with being good at academics and being interested in school. In fact, it's great, especially when it comes to gift giving. Girls who like learning and going to school will enjoy a variety of intellectually-stimulating gifts.

The Rocker Grrl

Whether she's into goth, punk, emo, or rockabilly, there are certain staples that always help complete the look.  If you know her favorite band, don't forget about the allapproved)!

The Triple Threat

If she's a born entertainer, nurture her love of music, dance, or acting.  Even shyer girls will get a kick out of singing and dancing around the house, especially if she's imagining herself on tour with Hannah Montana!

The Artiste

You can never have too many art projects, musical instruments, or balls of yarn lying around the house.  Gifts like these will let her creative nature shine.

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