Musical Toys & Instruments for Kids

Learning to appreciate music has various benefits for children, such as helping them develop rhythm, enhancing creativity, developing intelligence and even improving the ability to learn and do well in school and society. Moreover, perhaps you have noticed that kids love to channel their energy into artistic forms like dancing and singing. So what better gift to give to a child regardless of his or her age than the gift of music. Here are some ideas that might help you choose between all the musical toys on the market. The one thing to remember is that such toys can become annoying or distracting for adults over time. If sound is a concern, try to pick something that won't be obnoxious or something that has a volume adjustment or an off button. This is also important because if a toy is too loud it has the potential to damage a child's hearing.

Musical Toys for Babies & Toddlers

Babies tend to be very receptive to music as it helps enhance their sensory perception and brain development. Not only is listening to music good for them, but playing with toys that make music and using miniature instruments are all good ways to get a baby actively involved with music. For the budding musical talent, tiny tambourines, xylophones and lullabyes. * Neurosmith Together Tunes Sing Along Book * Baby Einstein Meet the Orchestra First Instruments DVD * Lamaze Musical Spin n' Stack Rings * Baby Gund Tinkle Crinkle Rattle and Squeak * Mozart Magic Music Cube * Sun Chimes Mobile Baby Carrier Toy * Baby's First Puzzle Soft with Sounds * Funky Footprints IQ Baby * Mozart Magic Flute

Ages 3-4

Once a child is big enough, musical toys can get bigger and more advanced, but they should still be light enough so that they can carry the toys around. Here are some of the top toys for little musicians in this age group. Also remember that Musical books are also good ideas. * Band in a Box * Hot Wheels X'Treme Riffs Electric Guitar * Boomwhackers Boomophone XTS Whack Pack * Jungle Jamboree Tapsy the Turtle Drum * Learn Through Music Plus System * Bella Cinderella Magical Princess Dance Studio * Fisher Price Kidz Bop Dance Party

Ages 5-7

This is a time when instruments start taking an active role in a child's life, especially if they are inclined to play with musical instruments. They may also be getting involved with instruments at school, so it's a good idea to let them try out as many as they are interested in. They could show potential! Just be sure to make a definitive choice between a "toy instrument" and a "real instrument." Maybe start a five-year old out with a toy and advance to something more realistic as they get older and if he or she takes an interest in playing the instrument. Other things that are fun for this age group besides instruments themselves are karaoke machines. There's nothing like singing along with friends and family. Another alternative is a tiny boombox and a few CDs to go with it. Depending on what parents allow, you might even consider a portable CD player meant for kids. The only problem is that the headphones could cause a concern since they might cause hearing damage to such young ears. * Star Party Jump * Water Flutes Tub Tunes * Drum Set * Acoustic Guitar * Butterfly Speaker Pillow * PlayItNow Digital Audio Recorder