Gifts for Dads

It might be your dad's birthday, Father's Day, or just Tuesday. Whatever day it is, he deserves a gift. But what does he want? When you ask, he never gives you a straight answer. Read on and find the perfect gift for Dad. You've gotten him a How to Buy Gifts to get the imagination going, and then check out the categories below.

New Dad

New dads need all the help they can get. Try some of these gifts to initiate him into fatherhood. He's going to be doing a lot of burping, diapering, carrying, feeding, and very little sleeping. Give him a bit of assistance.

Dad at Work

Dad has to leave the kids while he's off at work, but don't you think he'd rather be on a swing set with his bundles of joy? Even though he's at the job, try buying him something that reminds him what is waiting for him at home. Plus, he'll love bragging about how great his family is whenever anyone gets near his new gifts. For more gift ideas for the office (such as picture frames and executive toys), check out the Office Decor guide.

Dad at Home

Is he a chef? Does he love the garden? The tool shed? The entertainment room? Help him proclaim his interests at home and let him know you love him and his hobbies.

Homemade Gifts for Dad

Don't have much money? Don't think a store knows your dad as well as you do? Make one of these for Dad and he'll get to see how much you care (and show it to everyone else, too).

Other Dad Interests

* Beer and Wine * Card Games * Fashion * Electronics * Golf * Grilling * Movies, Movie Editing Software * Music, Musical Instruments *Travel Maps *Sports Memorabilia * Tools and Hardware

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