Gifts for College Students

Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad I'm not a fool! Buying a gift for a college-bound teen might be easier than you think. Though it may seem quite the contrary, college students appreciate much more than just monetary gifts, and he or she will have a room that needs decorating and supplies that need buying. There is the endless gift certificate route, which can be to clothing stores, gas stations, grocery stores, favorite places to eat, bookstores, Netflix (because who doesn't love movies?), and mega stores, like Target and Walmart, but if you want to offer something tangible, read on for ideas.

School/Dorm Supplies

It may not seem like the most creative idea ever, but college kids ''need'' certain supplies. They are usually not in the greatest financial situation and their parents will absolutely appreciate it.  


Hard-working students need a break every once in a while to prevent their brains from imploding. 

Everything Else

Totally stumped? Try some of these simple gift ideas. They'll also make good add-ons to other gifts.

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