Garment Bags

A good lightweight garment bag with quality zippers and handles, can make or break your trip. Your valuable wardrobe items are safe in a quality garment storage bag. Without the proper storage bag your once white wedding dress will yellow and age quicker than you would believe.

Garment Bags for Preservation

Different bags have different uses, and here are a few you should know: *breathable with several colors available for easy recognition. * Gusseted Dress Garment Bag: Large enough for multiple or bulky items. *dresses still holds true.  They are extremely popular and favored by those who travel regularly for business. * Rolling Garment Bags: Extremely popular with all age groups, and convenient in airport travel. Look for quality rollers, extending handles, and durable materials. *matching sets typically have a bag for any item you could possibly want to bring along in your travels. *airline standards, that you can easily lift over your head, that holds all of your necessities, and that is easily recognizable.

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