Fragrance Gifts Buying Guide

Fragrances are great to give and to receive. Knowing how to choose a fragrance can be difficult though, especially when you don't know exactly what the person usually wears. With a little scouting around for clues, you can easily find your way to the perfect gift. First take a look at the fragrance guides for men and women if you are unsure about the different types and scents available. Those guides give a detailed explanation of how to choose a scent based on the person's personality. Then, consider the points below. '''Some Things to Keep in Mind ''' * '''Fragrance preferences vary''': Fragrance is actually very personal and therefore, it is probably a bad idea to purchase a fragrance without any background research on the individual's tastes. It is, however, a good idea to gain knowledge on what type of fragrance the receiver of the gift likes or if possible, which fragrance they are currently using. Once you have this information, it is a safe bet to get a fragrance of a similar type, whether its sweet, woody, or citrusy. Lotions or bath products from the same line that they currently use can also be a great present since it is a guarantee that the scent is one they will like. Remember, the same fragrance varies depending on the wearer, therefore, just because it smells great on you doesn't mean it will on your friend. * '''You get what you pay for''': Before automatically reaching for the cheapest fragrance on the shelf, it is important to know what you are getting for that cheap price tag. Some fragrances are less expensive than others because they use man-made odorants, which are cheaper to manufacture. Fragrances made with natural odorants are richer in scent and usually lasts longer once applied. If you are concerned about the quality of the fragrance, then it might be worth it to pay the extra 20 or 30 dollars. Below are some of the hottest new fragrances to give and receive.

$25 or Less

Everything you see below is priced ultrashave'>after shave for men.

$50 or Less

Give fragrance as a gift to friends or family, but stay within budget by spending $50 or less. Below are some of the newest fragrances and gift sets that are sure to be a hit. '''Women's''' '''Men's'''

$50 or More

Below are some ideas for luxury fragrance gifts for more than $50. '''Women''' '''Men's'''

More Fragrance Gift Ideas

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