Perfume: Fragrance for Women

Few things can make you feel more feminine or ready for a night out on the town like a good perfume. Each perfume says something about who you are, or who you are trying to be, and what vibe you want to give off. Just changing your fragrance can make you feel entirely different flirty and fun one moment to sophisticated and classy the next. Part of that has to do with the oils that make up a particular fragrance and how well they react with the chemical balance of your skin. Whether you gravitate towards light, fresh scents, sweet ones, or classic floral orientals, there's tons of fragrance options out there on the market. See our tips to pick one that's best for you. 

Fragrance Wardrobe

There are four main fragrance categories: Shopping When shopping for fragrance, be sure to note the perfumes that you typically like and dislike. Once you know which you prefer, it will be easier to shop for a new fragrance. That's because the ones you like will usually have common notes or pertain to a particular fragrance family. Notes are what perfumers refer to when speaking about the different stages of a perfume; top, middle, and bottom. The top notes are what you smell when you first spray a perfume, less important than the middle notes that create the heart of a perfume. The middle notes are those that set in about 15 minutes after application and linger for several hours. The bottom notes are what appear during a fragrance's dry down, usually a period that occurs after the perfume has been worn for several hours.

Fragrance Families

Now that you understand the composition of a perfume, you can start learning about the different types of perfume categories and which might suit your personality best.  Below, you'll find a brief explanation complete with sub-groups for each fragrance family, along with some nice perfume recommendations.

Fragrance Strength

Not all fragrances are made the same. Some are much lighter than others, and intensity is categorized discreetly. Here's a quick breakdown. * '''Fragrant body products''': Creams, powders, aftershaves, and soaps that claim to have fragrance in them usually have less than 3% fragrance, giving off the lightest scent. However, they do last a long time because they are absorbed into your skin. *Perfume''': Perfume contains the highest levels of perfume compound with 20%-50%. It is strong, long lasting, and expensive. Expect lasting fresh smells for 6 hours or more.

Quick Picks

Now that you know the difference between fragrance strengths, check out a few more products below.

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