(Looking for Soccer?) Football is a staple in American households on Sunday evenings. All around America, families gather in their favorite teams' jerseys and watch the game on the television (usually the biggest television they can find, even if it means stopping by a sports bar or restaurant). Football is mainly an American sport, although leagues do exist in Japan and Mexico. Canada has Canadian football, which is very similar to American football. The biggest football game is the Super Bowl, which is the NFL championship game. The game is played at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional level. The NFL is the highest level of football played in the world. 


There are eleven players on each team playing on the field at one time. Player positions are divided into "offensive positions" and "defensive positions."


* Offensive Line Consists of five players who protect the passer and the runners by blocking the other team's defense. The player in the middle is the Center. Next to the Center on either side are Guards. Next to the Guards are the Tackles. The Offensive Line rarely handles the ball, except for the Center. * Quarterback Perhaps the most prestigious position of all, the Quarterback receives the ball from the Center at the start of the play. He tosses the ball to a Running back, throws it to a Receiver, or runs with it himself. * Running Backs Stand beside the Quarterback. Their specialty is running with the ball, but they also block and catch passes. * Wide Receivers Line up near the sidelines. They specialize in catching passes. * Tight Ends Line up outside the Offensive Line. They can either play like Wide Receivers or Offensive Linemen.


* Defensive Line Three to six players who line up immediately opposite the Offensive Line. They try to occupy the Offensive Linemen and tackle the Running Backs. * Linebackers Line up between the Defensive Line and the Defensive Backs. Try to cover Quarterbacks or potential Receivers. They mainly cover the run up the middle. * Defensive Backs Either Cornerbacks or Safeties. They cover Receivers and attempt to stop pass completions They are the last line of defense.

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