Soccer, also known as football to the rest of the globe, is the most popular sport in the ''world''. It is played just about everywhere; from New York to St. Petersburg, people are lacing up their cleats and fastening their shinguards. Americans tend to be a little lax about the sport but abroad, soccer is a way of life. Whether you're a wee tot just learning or a seasoned player, our guides will get you prepared to win that World Cup.

The Kit

The kit, or uniform, for most soccer games is composed of Women's Soccer Apparel. ! The goalies are required to wear their own distinct keeper uniforms so they are easily recognized by other players. They usually wear goalkeeping gloves, as they are the only ones allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Other team members are allowed to wear gloves too, but it is not really necessary. 


After you get suited up, it's time to make sure you have all the proper gear. Of course you'll need a equipment bag

The World Cup

The DVDs, and documentaries recounting the events of the previous World Cups are right at your fingertips.

Popular Soccer Video Games

If you just can't get enough of this great sport, how about some soccer games for your Xbox, Playstation, or Wii? * Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 * FIFA Soccer 11 * 2010 FIFA World Cup * FIFA Street 3

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