Father's Day Gifts

Your pops everywhere will enjoy. So read on, and give a little back to the guy that gave a lot.

Hobby Related Gifts

Remember what activities he likes to do on his own whether it has to do with sports, science and technology, audio/visual, travel, fine arts, cuisine, etc. You can buy him something to complement a collection he is working on: for example, a set of the new grill light.

Outdoor Related Gifts

When you think of your father, what things that come to mind? If your dad likes to BBQ and takes a lot of pride in his yard, then the below suggestions may be just right for him. These gadgets will not only make life easier for dad, but they may put a smile on his face as well. Help him take care of his lawn and outdoor patio with these items.

Dream Come True

Tap into his youth and help revive his old hobbies. Whether he used to collect, play sports, jam with a band, or even take part in chess club, bring him back to the old days. You can even offer a way to achieve a dream he never got to live. You can do this by offering him classes or a weekend getaway to a place that specializes in that arena. You can also pull out the junk from the attic, whatever it is that is long forgotten, and clean it up, tune it, and send it his way. Maybe it will help inspire him to get back into his old groove.

Nostalgic Gifts

Find a gift that reminds him of time you both spent together. This can be as simple as a framed photo or special picture album from a trip or activity. Another option that is less a purchased gift and more of an activity gift is to relive one of the things you both used to do together (assuming that he's in good health). For example, pack up the rods and reels and head to the old fishing hole. Plan a scuba diving trip, skiing trip, or a trip to the lake where you used to go boating.

Personalize it

You can rejuvenate some of those old gift ideas by simply adding a touch of engraving, embroidering or embossing.  It can turn an ordinary gift into something quite special.  It also shows that you have put time and thought into your gift.  From Gifts for Mr. Gadget * Gifts for Nerds * Gifts for Sports Fanatics * Gifts for Stylish Guys * Gifts for Movie Buffs * Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts