Dinnerware Buying Guide

You've probably noticed that dinner sets are one of the most popular items on a wedding registry. Why the trend? Because every new household wants its major staple as soon as possible! Get colors to match your kitchen, or to start a new color scheme. Finally perk up that dull dinner table that needs some livening up. Whatever your reasons for buying, choose carefully and have fun!

Things to Consider

Before committing yourself to a set of dinnerware, think about the following: * Good everyday dinnerware is microwave and dishwasher safe. It will handle the daily abuse of large families. Check the durability rating of the product before purchasing. * How big are your cupboards? Measure the inside of your dinnerware cabinet so you'll know what size plates will fit inside. Don't get stuck with plates so big you can't close the cupboard door. * If you have a dishwasher, be sure you don't get plates or dishes that are too large to fit inside. * Look at what's included in the set. Note the sizes of the teacups or mugs. ** Will they adequately meet your needs? If you enjoy large cups of coffee in the morning, don't buy a set with tiny teacups that you'll never use. ** Will you need an additional set of salad bowls? * Never judge the colors by the given pictures. ** Colors in pictures tend to be misleading, and as a result, consumers end up with a different color than they thought they would get. ** Avoid the disappointment and do your homework. * Stoneware plates might be worth considering. While they ''are'' heavier, they're good at heat retention and keeping your meals warmer longer. Due to the weight, they aren't recommended for families with small children.

Types of Dinnerware

Top-Selling Sets

Popular Brands


* Fiestaware is making a huge comeback since its fiftieth anniversary re-release in 1986. People who collect Fiestaware tend to be very dedicated to the brand and swear by its beauty and durability. ** The plates and other items are glazed, so they're nonporous and durable. ** They can go in microwave and dishwasher and don't break easily. ** They may get scratched by stainless steel flatware, but the marks can be removed if cleaned by a nonabrasive cleanser or wiped with a soft scrub. * Fiestaware tends to be heavy, so keep this in mind if you have little ones. * Fiestaware is overall a good deal more durable than most and can often be found at a decent price, especially if you hunt around on the Internet for a good deal. You will probably get the most bang for your buck with Fiestaware. Plus, they come in solid colors from basic black and white to vivid tangerine and peacock.


*Hearthstone. * Corelle received many positive reviews from regarding its strength and durability. In fact, Corelle is so sure of its product that it includes a threeyear for the unique and modern Hearthstone. * Comparable in price with Fiestaware, most sets cost between $30 and $100 for 16budget choice.


* Pfaltzgraff products are beautiful, and there are hundreds of patterns to choose from. * These sets can be pricey, but they are well-rated for durability. * Pfaltzgraff normally has a five-year warranty, so if you happen to get anything defective, it should be taken care of right away. * A word of warning: The MadeChina sets have been reported to be defective, as they won't stack correctly and they scratch easily, so be sure to get one that's been made in the U.S. * Another major complaint is that some aren't microwave-safe.


* Lenox china is of a timeless elegance. * For everyday use, look for and

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